Sunday, 24 June 2012

Benefits of Business Networking

Working as a network we can achieve that no one can achieve alone!

Being part of our Network of mobile bicycle mechanics, is good for the mobile bike business "start-ups and running your business". Communicating directly with the people who have already embarked on this career, learning from their experiences and working together makes us much stronger in any changing market.

  1. Compare and discuss issues of common interest.
  2. Develop and share ideas, innovation and knowledge of best practice.
  3. Meet new people and build mutually beneficial business relationships.
Also as a Member of our Network you will be listed on our Map
  1. So we can refer customers in your area to you  (business & domestic) 
  2. The opportunity to join group bulk buying of stock, with other mobile bike mechanics close to your area. 
We network with meetings at trade shows, Skype, Facebook, group emails and our Forum.

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