Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yellow Bike Hire Business

Cycle Tech UK Ltd promotes cycling, helps people start there own bike business as a mobile bicycle mechanic and/or in the bike hire business.

In association with Yellow bike hire there is a great opportunity to start your new bike business, as hiring only, along side ruining your mobile bike business, or as service contract under Cycle Tech UK.

The Yellow Bike Company was formed by Patrick Darlinton in 2009 -  a turnkey bike hire solution specifically for hotels and tourist attractions which provides point of difference as well as being profitable.It is a newly-developed facility offering bike hire in unmanned locations to those who wish to offer the hire of electric or pedal bikes to their customers. It extends the reach of bike hire, without extendingstaff costs. Up front costs are low, running costs are minimal and above average returns are assured given adequate usage rates. Yellowbike is expanding across the South of England and great opportunities now available.

Hire bikes don't just come in yellow, please contact Patrick at Yellowbike for color availability.

The way forward to start your hire business with 6 bikes and docking stations. 
  1. Is to ask Patrick for a demonstration and see the Yellowbike system work.
  2. Take a view on utilisation and work out your projected profitability
  3. Determine if bike hire adds to the attraction of your business
Please ring Patrick Darligton 01794 884787 Mobile: 07836 234289

For service contracts email

More info on Becoming a Hire Location 

2 bike docking station 

Demo bike only

Yellowbike Docking station and electric bikes

Docking station for 8 bikes

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