Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hands on and Going over new business setup

Guy from Cycle Tech Eastbourne, come for the day for some experience and to go over his new business setup before he starts his new mobile bike business in Eastbourne in 2 weeks time. Guy is looking forward to starting his new bike business, he already has a van, tools and stock. A day at the Saturday bike clinic gives Guy a chance to get his hands dirty and chat over what else he needs to start and run his business.

Guy from Cycle Tech Eastbourne 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bike Clinic

A day in the life of the mobile bicycle mechanic working at the very popular bike clinic.

Photos using Gopro camera

Mobile bike clinic setup, ready to start work

Truing a rear wheel

Adjusting brakes after fitting trued rear wheel

Cannondale in for a service, fitting of chain and cassette 

Fitting a XT chain

Removing a bottom bracket

Inside the mobile workshop. Sizing up a bottom bracket.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Green Park

2 Cycle Tech UK members working together

Bike wash and mobile service setup

Me and Frank

Frank truing rear wheel

Bike in work stand ready to be serviced 

Bike storage 
Bikes all cleaned and serviced by Cycle Tech UK

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tour Of Indian Bike Factories

The means of producing bikes in India, much of it still being produced on the
machinery purchased from the UK during the 1950’s is the most fascinating,
amusing, bewildering and highly interesting you will see.
Would you like to see a large sheet of metal turned into a massive length of chain?
Or a long length of steel plate turned into a wheel rim?
Perhaps you would be interested to see what is called ‘open hearth brazing’?
We will be taking groups of people for seven days, covering the itinerary you see under.
Actual months and dates will be decided, thinking of two visits per year.

Prospective dates will be August, October or November 2012 and April or May 2013.
Interested persons, please send an e-mail to or write to our
address. Full itinerary, hotel accommodation, costs etc on request.

Alf and Teresa Webb, The Old Schoolhouse, Wragg Marsh, Spalding, Linc’s PE12 6HQ
Tel: 01406 371273 E-mail: Please mention Martin from Cycle Tech

Mike Hit's The Road

Mike from Cycle Tech Hertfordshire, is now on the road and started a Saturday Bike clinic. 

Mike with his new sign written van, ready to hit the road.

See more about Cycle Tech Herts