Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cycle Tech Dunstable A Day At The Saturday Bike Clinic

Iain from Cycle Tech Dunstable Bedfordshire came for the day. It was a opportunity to talk shop, go over the business setup, look inside the mobile workshop, stock and tools. And a chance for Iain to use his new tools with a service, setting up V brakes and pre checks. We talked about pricing, service check list, website and what was not covered in a 2 week training course. Like I say in the post "Starting a mobile bike business", you are not going to learn how to run your bike business at a training school. It takes years of experience. But spending a day or 2 with me going over your business and the chance of hands on will give you confidence.   

Iain from Cycle Tech Dunstable picking up his new Park Tool kit. At The Saturday Bike Clinic.

Iain using his new park Tool kit.

Iain servicing a bike after a pre check talk. 

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