Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Specialized Secteur Sport Road Bike Build 2011

This bike was brought on-line, "eBay" and was assembled (PDI'd) by me a qualified mobile bicycle mechanic at the customers address. See how to pdi a new bike

Bike build


The customer told me he brought the bike on-line, on eBay!
When I was sizing him to the bike, I asked how did he know what size frame to order.
His reply was: "I tried the bike in the local bike shop, ordered on-line and saved money."

Sounds good to me the customer saves money and a mobile bike mechanic gets the job! And hopefully he calls me again when the bike needs servicing. I can also show him what pressure his tyres should be and sell him a pump, can of oil, spare tube, ect......

How many bikes go back for a first service? Which is recommended between 4 - 6 weeks of buying your bicycle. I gave the customer good advice and hope to see him for his bikes first service.

There is good opportunity for the mobile bicycle mechanic, to offer there service.
The question is:
Is this good in the long term for the bicycle industry?
Should bicycles be sold in a box, not built?
What does Specialized think of having there bikes sold this way?
What happens when there is a warranty issue?

The answer:
There is no easy answer. Not going to stop buying on-line. The consumer expects a lot these days.
You should always ask when you buy on-line: What are the terms when there is a warranty issue!
There are official on-line shops that offer a good customer service and sell bikes in a box that have been inspected by qualified mechanics.
Those new or back into cycling may buy the wrong type and size of bicycle. Also remember carbon frames only have 2 years warranty
I don't think bicycles should be sold, with out a pre-delivery inspection. As this could stop the consumer enjoying cycling or even have a dangers bike out on the road if not assembled correctly.

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