Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Spokesman

The Spokesman Mobile bicycle mechanic Dublin
Message from The Spokesman:
Hi everyone, I want to tell you about my new business and would kindly ask you to pass this message on to everyone that you know. My new business is a mobile bike workshop. I first had this idea in October 2009 and I was delighted when Martin Wilkins was already doing it in the UK. In fact I told him that it was already successful in Holland and Germany. It was not a “stone in the shoe” idea and there were opportunities to explore the existing business models to ensure an effective starting point for mine. As well as carrying out planned market research, I have been asking people what they thought of the idea and exploring all avenues of feedback. There action has been very positive, particularly from three target markets;- families with children- commuters who cycle cyclists who work- and finally employers who care about the welfare of their employees Many new start-up bicycle shops have commenced trading in Dublin in 2010. This is different. This project is a viable one, it is scalable and it is green!! The website is now up and running; http://www.thespokesman.ie/ Please let me know if there is anything I should ad or delete. I am looking forward to your feedback. 
Many Thanks Cathal ; 01- 2825098(home)086- 8545654(mobile)
Registered for BiketoWork, Bike4work, raleigh2work and OPW bike to work

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