Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Disc Brakes Repairs & Maintenance

Mobile workshop Disc brake service

Before bleeding hydraulic brakes:

Identify the braking system as mineral oil or DOT brake fluid.
Remove wheels and brake pads.
Clean caliper pistons and bleed nipple ports with brake cleaner spray.
Push pistons back and fit retaining block.
Now bleed brakes as manufacturers recommendations

Retaining block

Worn Disc pads. Remove pads and clean pistons.

Worn disc brake pad. Note Rota has worn return spring in to the pad!

Hydraulic Disc Brake Inspection Video

Hose fitting
Fitting of Brass Barbed Hose Pin

Tektro Auriga Comp compression ferrule (Olive) Correct fitting.
Lubricate parts with mineral oil (Or fluid depends on system) before inserting hose into brake leaver or calliper. This will ensure good fitting of o-ring on brass pin and stop hose twisting on tightening.

Magura hose cutter

Video Shortening Shimano disc hose Video

Avid Hydraulic Disc Brack Stuck on Video

Brake Discs 'Rotas'

 Re-aligning rota

Hope brake olive fitting

Re fitting Hose through swinging arm

When reusing a olive, use a screwdriver to open up to fit over hose and the re close 

Put a drop of brake fluid on the threads and olive to stop hose turning when tightening 


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