Monday, 28 June 2010

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic On Site Visit

Cycle Tech UK on call!
Cycle Tech UK are friendly, passionate and have trained staff that will be able to service your bicycle to a professional standard. From a fully equipped mobile workshop.

Cycle Tech UK are the new kids on the block. 
Cycle Tech UK are pioneering and revolving the image of the mobile bicycle mechanic. Making the mobile bicycle mechanic very competitive.
Taking the properly organised and well equipped mobile workshop to the job!
This saves the customer time and the inconvenience of taking bikes to a Cycle Shop. And not having to return to collect. Which is also better for the environment.
The customer is also getting a 1 to1 service direct with the mechanic. And for the very best advice on anything to do with bicycles. 

Mobile Bicycle Workshop. On Site Visit Somewhere in Buckinghamshire

It’s not unusual to have 7 or more bicycles to work-on. At any site visit. Which keeps travel to a job time to a minimum.

All work can be carried out in one place. And parts are available, from the mobile workshop.
Cycle Tech UK can work on all types of bicycles. At your home or place of work.

The customer can go about there business, while there bicycles are being serviced. Cycle Tech UK also gives a report of work carried out and any additional work. Cycle Tech UK's aim is to service/repair your bicycle to a high standard and with your bicycle being of the road for a minimum time. (Fast repairs)

Parts from the van

Tea time! Martin Cycle Tech Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire

Martin & Nick from Surrey came for the day

Cycle Tech UK can also cater for
cycle events, sportive, corporate, business, clubs, teams, contract work and cycle fleets.

Service and repair to all types of bicycles:

Replacing bottom bracket  to a Trek with cowhorn handle bars

Road bikes are becoming very popular:

1st service Bianchi C2C

Bianchi B4P

Specialized Transition

Complete overhaul to a LITESPEED before Triathlon

Fuji Cyclo Cross

Sunday Funday BMX

Rocky Mountain

Bearing press using homemade tool

New bearings pressed in.

Pressing Heavy-Duty Mount Kit to rear shock

Dutch Bike

New tyres to tricycle



If you like to be part of the Cycle Tech UK team! Please e-mail

1 comment:

  1. Martin

    Thanks very much for the service yesterday. I rode my bike in to work this morning and all I can say is wow! The difference is remarkable and well worth every penny. I flew in. I got all the way up Amersham hill in one go without even going to the highest gear and that's never happened before. I've had my bike serviced twice before and no one has ever mentioned the tyre pressure issue. I guess I'm a bit old skool in that I pump it 'till it's 'ard!' I didn't realise doing it properly would make such a difference. I have a lot to learn. Oh, the pump is great too.

    With your permission I'd like to email all the cyclists here and recommend your services as I'm very impressed. I work in Rickmansworth so some may be a bit far for you but I know a couple of the guys here who cycle live in the Wycombe area. Also I'll be in touch when we get back from our break about the possibility of doing a one day course. My tools arrive today so it might be an idea if I know what to do with them :)

    Thanks again.