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Campagnolo Spare Parts

  1. Buying used parts on ebay
  2. Buying N.O.S. (New Old Stock)   
  3. How to look up parts & Third-party suppliers
  4. Chorus Hub spare part numbers
  5. Chorus 11 speed cassette spacer
  6. After Market Parts
  7. Campagnolo Home Mechanics School
  8. Campagnolo Pro Shops
  9. Campagnolo workshop tools
  10. Warranty 
  11. Campagnolo Mobile Repair Workshops and tech videos
  12. Super Record Ultra Shift 11 Speed Ergo Shifter repair unit
  13. Buying Campagnolo from Amazon 

1. Buying used parts on ebay
When looking for a bargain, it is likely these days that you will turn to eBay for used parts. While there are bargains to be had, when buying a second-hand parts, you need to be careful, because you may have a large repair bill to go with the bargain price. Even if the person is not intending to be dishonest, their idea of perfect condition may mean clean but worn out. We see our repairers that have given out bills of well over £100 to make a wheel usable, even though they were described "good as new".

There are a few things you should do when considering buying on eBay:

1) Never pay cash - always use one of the schemes that gives you protection.

When buying wheels:
2) Always collect in person - do not have it posted to you, and do not meet in some car park halfway.
3) Always spin the wheels and feel the hubs for play and smoothness. That the wheel rims are not worn, damaged and that the wheels are not buckled

Some images of typical worn-out parts

Worn cones Campagnolo neutron ultra 

Worn bearing cup Campagnolo neutron ultra.

Using a straightedge to check wear on rim

2. Buying new parts for old bikes
Many shops sell; New Old Stock on ebay, labeled as N.O.S.

3.Spare parts finder
Where to find Campanolo spare parts and information!

Its normally easier to look up parts on a diagram from Campagnolo. Find the part number and then try searching. The workshop manuals go back to 1994

For Campagnolo spare part numbers and diagrams see Spare Parts Documentation 

Campy used parts:

  • Third-party suppliers are in a much better position to supply older parts: Campy Oldy 
  • From my collection of bicycle parts listed on our used parts Blog Bicycle Salvage

4. Chorus Hub 2005 9/10 Speed:

Free-hub body service:

Pawls Qty 3 FH-RE113

Spring Qty 1 FH-RE114

Hub service:

Bearings Qty 2 HB-RE023

Seals Qty 2 HB-RE021

Cones Qty 2 HB-RE022

When replacing parts. Clean and inspect all parts for wear or corrosion and replace if necessary.  

The cones are worn. HB-RE022. The cone to the right is also pitted.

5. Campagnolo chorus 11 speed cassette spacer (2012)
If you are experiencing any poor performance with gear shifting, you will need to remove your Campagnolo cassette and check the spacer between sprockets 6 and 7 to see if it is broken. It will be unusable and need replacing with the correct one. The plastic spacer is different looking than the other 3 or 4 black round spacers, it has 4 lugs on the back of the spacer.
Where to buy one from! It should be under warranty, so first talk with the shop or on-line shop where you brought your cassette. You will need proof of purchase.

11 speed cassette with broken 2.3mm spacer. Due to lock ring being over tightened!
Part No. 2-CS-712

Spacing of 11 speed chorus cassette 

6. After Market Parts
Whilst there are many occasions when a variety of vendors will mix Campagnolo and other manufacturer's parts, Campagnolo are quite specific in their advice that all Campagnolo parts are designed to work as an integrated system. Mixing other manufacturer's components may void warranty.
For :
Cassettes: BBB and Miche
Chains: KMC
Cables: Transfil

7. Campagnolo Home Mechanics School
1/2 Day course available at your home, working on your own bike.
  • Changing chain & cassette  
  • Replacing Brake cable & adjusting brakes
  • Replacing gear cable, setup & adjusting gears
  • Fault finding
  • For more information on cost & locations, see Here   
  • For Pro Shop training . See Here
8. Campagnolo Mobile Repair Workshops & Pro Shops

List of Campagnolo accredited Pro Shop mechanics. See Here

9. Campagnolo workshop tools
View list of campagnolo specialist tools below (Last updated 07/07/14)

10. Campagnolo warranty 
All Campagnolo products are covered under Campagnolo's Limited Warranty, a copy of which can be seen at their website here.
There are four Campagnolo Approved Service Centres in the UK. You can see a full list at the Campagnolo web site.

11. Campagnolo mobile workshops & tech videos
You can find all the technical information on Campagnolo.com website, they have made everything available:
Videos, Instructions, Tech Data, & More can be found at campagnolo.com 

Work carried out from the mobile workshop: 
Also See www.cycletechuk.com 

Mavic Open Pro Rim and Chorus Hub

Chours Hub strip down

Parktool - Campagnolo bearing puller for Ultra-Torque cranks

Parktool - Campagnolo bearing installation for Ultra-Torque cranks

Ultra-Torque bottom bracket bearing remove and refit videos

12. Super Record Ultra Shift 11 Speed Ergo Shifter

When the spring and back plate brake, you have to buy the
repair unit 2012 Model Part No, EC-SR100 For Right hand unit. 
See Parts Tech doc here for Left hand unit and full exploded drawing. 

13. Buy Campagnolo products on Amazon.co.uk:

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  1. I'm sorry to say but I only by second hand components that I can see, touch and examine ....... long before I part with any cash.

    When I ran my repair business, I got mightily fed up with people describing their bikes as perfect working order but in need of a "service" when asking for quotes - only on inspection found that they had a worn out nail that needed the whole drive train replacing before even starting and the "customer" getting rather frustrated that the re-quote was way beyond their expectations!

    I always recommend that even when purchasing a second hand bike is to get someone who really know's the job to inspect it before buying, so I always recommend against buying from Ebay or Scum Tree unless you are prepared for the nasties!