Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bicycle Maintenance Contract

Cycle Ops Maintenance Contract. Work carried out by Cycle Tech

Regular maintenance carried out on-site. From a fully equipped mobile workshop, by professional qualified bicycle mechanics.

Cycle Tech can supply fleets of bicycles with back up service and parts. Across the UK.
Contract work to Business, Councils, RAF, Police, Ambiance, Activity Centres, sports centres, gyms and many more large company’s.
Also cycle events and Dr Bike checks carried out, on-site at your company.

With all types of work carried out. From punctures to total rebuilds. Brake Hydraulic Repair Specialist. Brake hose replacements, system overhaul, brake fluid and bleed. Wheel building, gear & brake set ups, chain & sprockets replaced. Service checks, adjustments and lubricants. All done at your location.
cycle tech can carry out repairs on all type's and makes of Bike's such as Mountain Bike's, Road Bike's, Race Bike's, Hybrid Bike's, Tandem's, Trike's, Uni Cycles, Folding Bike's, Trial Bike's, BMX Bike's, Vintage Bike's and Children's Bike's.
Like any machine, a bicycle will work better and last longer if it is properly maintained. And increase the pleasure of your cycling.

Nigel from Sussex came for the day to help out and for the experience.
Maintenance is part of owning any bike, and regular servicing will ensure that you will get years of trouble-free riding. Regular servicing will also reduce the risk of large repair costs!
A properly assembled and maintained bike is more likely to be safe and a lot more fun to ride!

Martin From Cycle Tech High Wycombe Buckinghamshire Cytech 1 & 2 qualified

Brake & resistance knob

Ensure the pad sits parallel to the flywheel. Ensure the pad mimics the curvature of the flywheel.
 NOTE: Brake pads should always be touching the flywheel.

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