Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Riding Elite Rollers

Riding Tips Elite Rollers For beginner PART 1
Elite Ghibli Parabolic Rollers: And Cinelli Zydeco bicycle fitted with road tyres.

Sleek , minimalist and compact design.
The cycle can move freely and therefore requires constant balance - giving a more realistic ride/feel indoors, whatever the weather outdoors.
Simple to fold away and transport. Easy to adjust roller in frame to allow all sizes of cycle to be used.

Rollers are best used with smooth tyres.
Slick tyres decreases noise and increases stability.

Adjust the front roller to position the front wheel axle centre of roller.

Always Use rollers on a level surface.

You should look forward. Rather than looking down.
Looking at a fixed object in front of the centre point of rollers

This is the great advantage of rollers over trainers!
They teach you to reduce upper body movmet. As well as to maintain a smooth pedaling style.

Maintaining a high-rpm is essential in helping you to be properly balanced on the rollers.
Start workouts with moderate gearing. Untill you feel comfortable riding the rollers.

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