Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mobile Workshop - Kit out a van

DIY - The Van: Transit van High roof, medium wheel base. I built racking from Dexion & ply > Also see Tevo >>>>
I also used mesh racking to display products. And fitted it to the back doors and roof. Great for display at cycle events. I fitted a awning to the side of the van to work from in all weather. I have my tools in the side and I use the back as a show room. I find this is the best all-around working conditions. There is just not enough time, to work in the back of the van. It is not usual to have a fleet of bikes to work on.

Photos of my first large van back in 2008 I kitted out and worked from the side

From the side

Bench and vise

Snap-on tool chest

Tools and storage of small parts

Van Roof Installation
Helps keep damp and condensation out in the winter

Roof lined and 12 volt lights fitted

Van with Awning, setup to work from the side

Working from side of van

Side of van with pull out vice

Folding  work bench and tool roll

CK tool roll with Park Tools (Can be hung on wall)

Back of van (Parts & accessories  display)
Mesh racking to display products. Fitted to rear doors.

Storage selves Makes easy to find and for easy stock checks

Small parts storage boxes

Tyre storage

Spray can holders

Setup at cycle events with marquee and tyre display

My first van Puegot Partner soon become to small and had to sell and buy a larger van as business soon expanded!
Other items to conceder:
Hand wash:  The Handeman Xtra provides a minimum of fifteen 12 second hand washes per filling – enough for a hard day’s work – providing hot water with fingertip tap operation. Click HERE

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