Thursday, 16 December 2010


Advertising your business
IT is important to be found when starting up a new business.

As a small business you will recognise the need to promote your business.
With a bit of creativity and some work on your part there are a number of ways to advertise your business.
Market your business:

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Campagnolo Training Centre

2 Day Campagnolo Training at Velotech Cycling Ltd. Also Campagnolo approved service centre &  providers of warranty services to Campagnolo SRL in the UK.

Just spent 2 days at Velotech Cycling Ltd Training Centre. The course is run by Graeme Freestone King. Graeme is very knowledgeable and has been in bicycle trade for 30 years. Training Centre and workshop: Adjacent to Longstaff Cycles, Albert Street, Chesterton, Staff ST5 7JF (Longstaff cycles are internationally known for their quality work in steel framebuilding. Seeing there workshop is worth a visit.)

Day 1 - Ergopower Levers In this module we looked at compatibility, of full components and internal parts, and how to strip and re-assemble the three main drop-bar variants and known issues. (Escape, Ultra Shift 10,11 speed)  – OEM and frame specification. Correct dimensions for the frame, Correct preparation, Tolerances and Known issues .

Day 2 – G3 wheels Concept, Spoke types & fitting methods, Nipples and fitting methods, Tensioning and truing. - UltraTorque & PowerTorgue. Fitting the UT system into conventional BB shells, Fitting UT systems into BB30 type-frames, Changing the bearings, Known issues. Hubs - Fully sealed bearing hubs, Oversize hubs, Freehub body compatibilities.

Retailers with staff who have graduated the Campagnolo Training Course: Shown here

Special Tools VAR Bearing Press Vartools

Velotech Cycling Ltd: >>>> Advanced training courses

Campagnolo Training:

There are two one-day courses included under the Campagnolo heading - G3 wheelbuilding, for which a Sapim wheelbuilding certificate or a parallel award is a pre-requisite, and Campagnolo Proprietary Technology, dealing with Ergopower, UltraTorque. hub servicing and detail of Campagnolo equipment set-up. The courses are normally delivered on two consecutive days. Completion of both is a pre-requisite for Campagnoo ProShop status. Candidates will leave with a thorough understanding of Campagnolo technology and how to fault-find and correct known issues.
Campagnolo Technical Manual
Campagnolo Frequently Asked Questions
Highly Recommended:
Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair:

A must for all bicycle mechanics!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Cycle Show 2010

Cycle Tech will be there the Trade Day.

I did not get much of a chance to view the show this year. But had a great day, Cameron from Glasgow, 2 mobile mechanics from Ireland and about 15 new and established mobile mechanics came from the UK with meeting/introducing suppliers took up most of the day.
Cinelli Saetta

Tifosi Cyclocross  

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cycle Tech Glasgow

Welcome Cameron of Cycle Tech Glasgow
The latest mobile bicycle mechanic to join Cycle Tech and The Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics.

Photos of Cycle Tech Glasgow's first event! Pedal for Scotland.

Cameron Cycle Tech Glasgow

Cycle Tech Glasgow

Enquiries to:

07593 212 067

Mobile bicycle mechanic Glasgow for Sales Service & Events

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Spokesman

The Spokesman Mobile bicycle mechanic Dublin
Message from The Spokesman:
Hi everyone, I want to tell you about my new business and would kindly ask you to pass this message on to everyone that you know. My new business is a mobile bike workshop. I first had this idea in October 2009 and I was delighted when Martin Wilkins was already doing it in the UK. In fact I told him that it was already successful in Holland and Germany. It was not a “stone in the shoe” idea and there were opportunities to explore the existing business models to ensure an effective starting point for mine. As well as carrying out planned market research, I have been asking people what they thought of the idea and exploring all avenues of feedback. There action has been very positive, particularly from three target markets;- families with children- commuters who cycle cyclists who work- and finally employers who care about the welfare of their employees Many new start-up bicycle shops have commenced trading in Dublin in 2010. This is different. This project is a viable one, it is scalable and it is green!! The website is now up and running; Please let me know if there is anything I should ad or delete. I am looking forward to your feedback. 
Many Thanks Cathal ; 01- 2825098(home)086- 8545654(mobile)
Registered for BiketoWork, Bike4work, raleigh2work and OPW bike to work

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Disc Brakes Repairs & Maintenance

Mobile workshop Disc brake service

Before bleeding hydraulic brakes:

Identify the braking system as mineral oil or DOT brake fluid.
Remove wheels and brake pads.
Clean caliper pistons and bleed nipple ports with brake cleaner spray.
Push pistons back and fit retaining block.
Now bleed brakes as manufacturers recommendations

Retaining block

Worn Disc pads. Remove pads and clean pistons.

Worn disc brake pad. Note Rota has worn return spring in to the pad!

Hydraulic Disc Brake Inspection Video

Hose fitting
Fitting of Brass Barbed Hose Pin

Tektro Auriga Comp compression ferrule (Olive) Correct fitting.
Lubricate parts with mineral oil (Or fluid depends on system) before inserting hose into brake leaver or calliper. This will ensure good fitting of o-ring on brass pin and stop hose twisting on tightening.

Magura hose cutter

Video Shortening Shimano disc hose Video

Avid Hydraulic Disc Brack Stuck on Video

Brake Discs 'Rotas'

 Re-aligning rota

Hope brake olive fitting

Re fitting Hose through swinging arm

When reusing a olive, use a screwdriver to open up to fit over hose and the re close 

Put a drop of brake fluid on the threads and olive to stop hose turning when tightening 


Friday, 9 July 2010

Cycle Matters Chichester County Council

A day with Nigel Gardner of Cycle Matters based in Worthing West Sussex.
Cycle Tech helping set up a Doctor bike session at Chichester County Council.

Nigel writing check list

Outside Chichester County Council


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Warranty & Service On New Bicycles

As a mobile bicycle mechanic I get called out to a lot of new bicycles that have been brought on-line, on the cycle to work scheme and flat packs. From £300.00 to bicycles costing well over £2000.00. That have not been set-up properly!

Many customers are new to cycling and have not been explained, when it comes to warranty!
And are not taking there new bicycles back for there first service. Which should be carried out between 4 and 6 weeks from new. This should include gear and brake adjustments and all alen key bolts checked.

I am also finding many cyclists are riding the wrong size bicycle. This is the down side to buying a new bicycle on-line.

How many riders are told when they buy there new bicycle. If there bicycle is not regular serviced the warranty is void ?

You have brought your new bicycle from a shop and after 2 weeks the gears are not changing properly. You don’t take it back to the bicycle shop because they are taking bookings after 2 weeks or the shop is a long way from where you live.
If you brought from Halfords you say "don’t have the trust in the mechanics working on your bicycle."
If you carry on riding you are worried you might damage something.

The network of mobile bicycle mechanics can help. by coming to you and building your new bicycle, showing you how to use the gears, setting up seat and handle bars to the rider and giving a back-up service. View mobile bicycle mechanic in your area. All bicycles are inspected and safety checked. To BS6102 PT 1, 1992. By Cytec Trained mechanics.

Who is responsible for warranty.
The rider, manufacture, selling a bicycle in a box or the seller not educating the customer when buying a new bicycle?

Some of the conditions to be aware of that may apply in a warranty clam.
The warranty is void if:
The bicycle has not been entirely assembled by an authorized retailer.
Its original purchaser no longer owns the bicycle.
The instructions contained in the user’s manual have not been respected.
The regular inspections recommended in the user’s manual have not been done.
The frame is too big or too small for the customer.
The factory warranty period for your fork/shock is one year (two years for countries in the EU) from the original date of purchase of the bicycle or fork/shock.

The exact warranty details are included in the users handbook which was supplied with your bike. Which you should of have been handed along with a PDI form.

Also see Bicycle Shaped Objects Why you should not buy one!

Should all bicycles sold have been pre delivery inspected? No matter where sold, on-line, cycle 2 work scheme, supermarket or Bike shop. Or should it reflect in the price? If sold cheap, it is ok to be sold in a box?

Brake pad alignment and wheel buckled.
When you buy a bike in a box, you may have to true the wheel as it will be difficult to align the pads. This pad become worn from rubbing on the tyre.

This Freewheel is less than 6 months old!

Head Lock Nut broken and handle bar stem set past safe max height mark.

Most cyclists that have brought a new bicycle, will only go to the bike shop or mobile bicycle mechanic when something has broken.
What is included in a service and why should my bicycle need a service?
See users handbook.
Maintenance is part of owning any bike, and regular servicing will ensure that you will get years of trouble-free riding. Regular servicing will also reduce the risk of large repair costs!
A properly assembled and maintained bike is more likely to be safe and a lot more fun to ride!

A bicycle should be serviced at least once a year and a check over in between.

If you use your bicycle everyday in all weather conditions or off road use, then a service should include a strip down of bottom bracket, headset and hub bearings, for inspection, clean and re-grease. Even sealed bearings. Every 3 months.

Typical work carried out on site by Cycle Tech The Mobile Bicycle Workshop:
This bicycle is just over a year old and the bottom bracket has been emerged in water.(Possible from the bicycle being washed with a high power hose) Resulting in the bearings and cups replacing.

Hope free-hub

Shimano Hub: This quick release was very rusty and had to be removed with force. If this wheel had to be removed when out on a ride it would have been impossible. (See more photos below as the axle and free-hub body had to be replaced.)

Ball bearings.

Axle, cone, cup, free-hub and seal.

New cup pressed in to hub.

Rusty Chain. No oil!

Head-set bearings worn and covered in dirt

Headset Removal Cup tool

Water ingested headset

Pressing Chris King headset cups

Part of the rim blow off! There are wear indicators on the rim which would be checked in a service. The brake pads have worn the rim thin and this part of the rim blow off from the pressure of the tyre.

Damaged crank-arm thread due to loose pedal fitting

Bent gear hanger

Rusty Bottom Bracket

I paid £500.00 for my bicycle 5 years ago and the repair bill has come to £290.00. Should I have the work done or put the money towards a new bicycle?