Friday, 6 November 2009

Bicycle Shaped Objects.

Bicycle Shaped Objects. See article Why you should not buy one!

  • Poor quality parts that don't fit correctly and that are not able to cope with any use.
  • Not safe to use on the road.
  • Very poor value for money.
  • Bad cycling experience - this is the main reason to avoid these bikes.
Always speak to an expert first. 

BSO With forks fitted wrong way round

John Humphrys puts flat pack bikes under the spotlight. View Watchdog's report  

And view blog from Mark Brown. Director of the Association of Cycle Traders With his account of buying a BSO. 

Common problems:

Incorrect fitment of brakes

Incorrect Valve alignment

These bike costs you around four tanks of fuel, depending what you drive”  It’s a real eye opener to the customer who thinks that £200 is ‘expensive’ for a bike, also who are spending £500.00 on a phone!

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